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Clean Room Conversion Facilities  


Insulations Materials from PSG Group Ltd. offers a first class 8 cleanroom.  Whether you require rotary die-cutting / slitting utilizing a array of high non-metallic or

multi-layer materials.  As the medical device market demands new products of increasing complexity and more intricate constructiuons, PSG Group has expanded to meet it.


Our new clean room and dedicated rotary machine to medical and electronic device production to satisfy the product needs of the many major distributor and

end users of these products. The die-cutt components are packed and transfered to our integral air lock, upon which we transfer goods into a sealable box on top of a customer specified instructions, and once the package is sealed, it is moved into our BRC accredited factory and ultimately despatch department for domestic, european or international shipping.


Please contact us for advice, a quote or to discuss how PSG Group Ltd could help your business.