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Insulations Materials from PSG Group Ltd. have a variety of slitting machines capable of slitting from 12 mm - 1600 mm (with capabilities of slitting up to 1800mm). We are specialist converters of materials such as PET, Nomex, Elephantide, Kapton,Valox and many other materials. A fully comprehensive and precise slitting service is provided to convert customers own materials or the conversion of our own materials to specification. We are capable of producing coils from 12mm up to 1600mm in width on our 8 slitting machines of which two are housed in our state of the art class 8 cleanroom. Rolls can be supplied on 76mm or 152mm cardboard or plastic cores. All finished rolls are packed and labelled as specified by the customer.PSG Group Ltd. also have a complete range of sheeting facilities and sheet all types and thicknesses of materials. From postage stamp dimensions to very large sheets.


Insulations Materials from PSG Group Ltd. can achieve tolerances of +/- 0.25mm Achievable sizes at this tolerance are limited to sheets up to 1300mm x 1400mm.These tolerances is also within PSG Group capabilites for rewind slitting process of winding large master rolls through a series of razor, shear blades to customize widths rolls to a specified length.


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