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Flat Bed Die Cutting Conversion Facilities




Insulations Materials from PSG Group Ltd. also has the flexibliy of providing flatbed presses which cater forshorter run quantities.  Ideally suited for the development early stages for new designs. Flatbed presses use less expensive steel-rule than rotary dies and PSG has over 14 flat bed die cutting machines . Almost any shape and size may be cut with the option to die-cut all the way through making individual pieces or it may go through only to the adhesives-side so that parts may be peeled away from the release-liner layer.


All parts are manufactured in house and supplied to any specification, any quantity and of any material include Polymex® polyester film (colour coded to signify thickness), Kapton, Nomex, Valox, Poron , Elephantide, Melinex , Silpad and many more.


Insulations Materials from PSG Group Ltd. has a solution for your die cutting needs!.


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